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It is the first time that I put on a post to say “Hey! Join us, if you are interested in.”

We are doing amazing research here with incredible enthusiasm and broad interests.

There are tons of reasons that people choose to do research; it could be a hobby, or to make a living, or any reason you name it, but my favourite reason is always that you love it. If you love your job, then you will do it with passion and happiness. 996 is never a problem only if you love it. (Well, it doesn’t mean 996 in our team…I never advocate that. See the photo, people played badminton; and we should do it more later on.)

My interests include (but not limited to)

1. Impact of electricity on clay minerals

By applying electric voltage on clay minerals, we look at the variation of its mineral structure and engineering behaviours. This could be a scientific research on clay mineral level (chemical & micro level); it could also be linked to potential engineering application in the area of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.

2. Soil remediation and ground water treatment

This is a research area on removal of pollutants from contaminated soil or protection of ground water. This research topic can be linked to EK technique as well. And another possibility is to use Fe-rich clay minerals as redox materials for ground water treatment.

3. Dewatering and consolidation

This topic is about removal of water from very fine-grained soil, like sludge, slurry, clay, etc. These kinds of materials have very low hydraulic conductivity, but electro-osmosis can be an effective method for dewatering and consolidation of them. We are looking at the challenges of this EO technique in large scale of application.

4. Geosynthetics

We are interested in application of geosynthetics.

1) Reinforcement, which is a very popular application for decades and lots of people from academy and industry are doing it.

2) Filtration and drainage. This topic is related to dewatering and consolidation. One of the special issues that we are especially interested in is the clogging problem of geotextiles. There are lot of things to do, include mechanism of clogging, update of manufacturing and design code, invention of novel types of geotextiles.

3) One more thing about geosynthetics, which is special for our research is EKG. This novel material presents a new category of geosynthetic and I’ve been staying in this topic for over decade.

5. Unsaturated soil, constitutive model and numerical modelling

We are carrying out this research partially also because of EK technique. When applying EK technique, it is related to unsaturated soil and suction. Therefore, we’ve been developing completely new constitutive model and trying to apply it in suction measurement, EK design and also trying to develop code for numerical modelling and software for EK design.

6. Mining, tailing, liquefaction, etc.

More researches that are related to my basic interests previously mentioned are being explored, we will see more ideas and fantastic work coming up.

So…welcome to join us…

And also, any collaboration is welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Yan-feng Zhuang (



      那一年的寒风中 / 你化了很浓的妆
      第一次牵我的手啊 / 就装作老练的模样
      你等我说 / 等我说你漂亮

      有一年的夜色中 / 我遮住星星的光
      第一次吻我的脸啊 / 多少有些惊慌
      你等我说 / 说你是我唯一的港

      七月的无奈 / 我们尽量不去想
      你说你的山 / 我说我的水乡
      七月的无奈 / 我们尽量不去讲
      ——– ↓↓↓

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      Logogogo 评论 数学物理方法


          在上高一的时候,我就买过一本《数学物理方法》,纯粹出于对书名的崇拜,那还是四川大学出版的那一本。当然,那时的我只能看到Riemann plane就晕得差不多了。那的确是我第一次听说有这样的书存在,数学和物理,好神奇。

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      I didn’t know that k0 proposed by Jozsef Jaky (1944) is an analytical result instead of empirical one. In many text books, even including the ** text book, it is presented as an empirical formula.

      I doubt that few people actually read the reference from Jaky, ‘ause it is in Hungarian. This is very similar to the case of Reuss (1809), which was published in French.

      Nowadays, introduction part of most papers, theses or dissertations, is presented in a way of piling up references without reading any of them. The only purpose is probably to flatter the potential reviewers like “see, I cited your work”.

      For work with strong innovation, please be confident enough to refer to “本文不必参考任何文献”(钱伟长,2002) However, in most cases, the authors 怂ed and cited some references like “土力学教材”、“数理方程课本”, in order to be published.


      钱伟长. 2002. 宁波甬江大桥的大挠度非线性计算问题. 应用数学和力学,第23卷  第5期

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      I would like to recommend the “3G” GENERATION EXHIBITION held by my friends. It is from 13th Feb (0:00) to 8th May (0:00) located at Forstmanns.

      (Februar 13) 0:00 – (Mai 8) 0:00 Forstmanns

      I remember very well those days in 2013 when I was at Hattingen with Herbert and his family. There was a beautiful back yard with a cabin full of wine bottles. We were hanging around and wandering in a forest nearby with your Emma (Did I get the correct name?). And 2020, we were in Rhein area-Bad Hönningen-Hattingen-Königswinter, wine and beer beside a castle and vineyard.

      “ Wein & Natur ”
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      水中花 & 难舍难分

      郁可唯翻唱了谭咏麟的水中花,与之相对应的另一首老歌是难舍难分,曾经的 “十大煽情分手歌曲” 之一;同样的杏花春雨,同样的雨打风飘,年华流走,同样的灯火阑珊,烟消云散。。。
      然而真正使它一度跻身“十大煽情分手歌曲”,恐怕并不是这些叠加的意象 ,而是——“说起来爱情的悲欢离合有个你我永远不提,相偎又相依要留在心底陪我一路到天涯”。——不知道有多少人走过爱情之后会永远留一个人在心底,永不再提,也永不忘记——五百年后剖开自己的心,看到一颗晶莹的泪滴,那里面恍然有一个被泪滴的表面张力球面化了的倩影,不必犹疑,你一定会记得她是谁

      水中花 谭咏麟
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