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It is the first time that I put on a post to say “Hey! Join us, if you are interested in.”

We are doing amazing research here with incredible enthusiasm and broad interests.

There are tons of reasons that people choose to do research; it could be a hobby, or to make a living, or any reason you name it, but my favourite reason is always that you love it. If you love your job, then you will do it with passion and happiness. 996 is never a problem only if you love it. (Well, it doesn’t mean 996 in our team…I never advocate that. See the photo, people played badminton; and we should do it more later on.)

My interests include (but not limited to)

1. Impact of electricity on clay minerals

By applying electric voltage on clay minerals, we look at the variation of its mineral structure and engineering behaviours. This could be a scientific research on clay mineral level (chemical & micro level); it could also be linked to potential engineering application in the area of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.

2. Soil remediation and ground water treatment

This is a research area on removal of pollutants from contaminated soil or protection of ground water. This research topic can be linked to EK technique as well. And another possibility is to use Fe-rich clay minerals as redox materials for ground water treatment.

3. Dewatering and consolidation

This topic is about removal of water from very fine-grained soil, like sludge, slurry, clay, etc. These kinds of materials have very low hydraulic conductivity, but electro-osmosis can be an effective method for dewatering and consolidation of them. We are looking at the challenges of this EO technique in large scale of application.

4. Geosynthetics

We are interested in application of geosynthetics.

1) Reinforcement, which is a very popular application for decades and lots of people from academy and industry are doing it.

2) Filtration and drainage. This topic is related to dewatering and consolidation. One of the special issues that we are especially interested in is the clogging problem of geotextiles. There are lot of things to do, include mechanism of clogging, update of manufacturing and design code, invention of novel types of geotextiles.

3) One more thing about geosynthetics, which is special for our research is EKG. This novel material presents a new category of geosynthetic and I’ve been staying in this topic for over decade.

5. Unsaturated soil, constitutive model and numerical modelling

We are carrying out this research partially also because of EK technique. When applying EK technique, it is related to unsaturated soil and suction. Therefore, we’ve been developing completely new constitutive model and trying to apply it in suction measurement, EK design and also trying to develop code for numerical modelling and software for EK design.

6. Mining, tailing, liquefaction, etc.

More researches that are related to my basic interests previously mentioned are being explored, we will see more ideas and fantastic work coming up.

So…welcome to join us…

And also, any collaboration is welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Yan-feng Zhuang (




” 在孩提时代,每个人都拥有着许多种可能性。你既可能成为职业棒球选手,也可能成为歌剧演唱家。但是,到了二十岁左右,我们就知道了自己的局限,就会因种种原因而将各种可能性自行消去,同时也会追问自己到底想做什么。无论是谁,都要过这一关。此时,你只能严肃认真地对各种可能性加以权衡,选择自己想做的事、擅长做的事。”

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自古 “哀声易好,欢词难工”,(原:“和平之音淡薄,而愁思之声要妙;欢愉之词难工,而穷苦之言易好也。” ,《荆潭唱和诗序》 , 唐,韩愈 ),才有“赋到沧桑词便工”(《 题遗山诗 》,清, 赵翼 )

鹊桥仙  重阳
【唐】 。。。

Double Ninth 14th Oct. 2020
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Since 2005


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Video Streaming & Thunder, VanDyke, NetAnts, etc.

How long haven’t you used Thunder? It was so popular on PC, like Tencent. Tencent is still there, while Thunder is gone. Now most on line videos are provided in streaming way.

FFMPEG.exe is a tool to download them. It runs in command line:
ffmpeg -i http://***/***.m3u8 “***.mp4”
And there is a better tool to do such streaming, which is N_m3u8DL-CLI_v2.9.7.exe

How to find the streaming address? Press F12 when you watch video via browser; locate “network” and search for “m3u8”
By this way, you are able to download most videos as long as you are able to watch them in your browser.

While sometimes, there is inhibition for you to complete full streaming, then you need to merge the “.ts” files by yourself.
Way 1
copy /b *.*    output.mp4
Way 2
DIR *.*  /B >filelist.txt
Open filelist.txt using Excel; insert one column before the column of file name; save as txt.
ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i filelist.txt -c copy output.mp4

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Smart DC Power Supply and Roll Polling Program

The first EKG (E-board) in China:

Zhuang, Y.F., Zou, W., Wang, Z., Tan, X., Hu, P., Hu, S., Yan, Y., Wang, Y., 2012. Electrically conductive PVD. Chinese Patent. Grant Number: ZL201210197981.4.

The first field trial using E-board in China:

Zhuang, Y.F., Huang, Y., Liu, F., Zou, W., Li, Z., 2014. Case study on hydraulic reclaimed sludge consolidation using electrokinetic geosynthetics. In: 10th International Conference on Geosynthetics. DGGT, Berlin, Germany.

After the field trial, it was found that power requirement, instead of energy consumption, is the biggest challenge for field application using electro-osmosis. And I believe this is the case for most applications using electrokinetic technique in Geo.

Zhuang, Y.F., 2015. Challenges of electro-osmotic consolidation in large scale application. In: Conference of Geosynthetics 2015. IFAI, Portland, Oregon, USA, pp. 447–449.

Therefore, I have been focusing on Smart DC Power Source and looking for a way to reduce both power requirement and energy consumption. Roll Polling Program seems to be a solution. It reduces the requirement of current intensity to 1/3; it also decreases the energy consumption to less than 1 kW⋅h/m3. Following contents are direct quote from the publication:

Zhuang, Y.F., 2021. Large scale soft ground consolidation using electrokinetic geosynthetics. Geotext. Geomembranes 49 (2021) 757–770.

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Painting Art & Transportation



Vincent Willem van Gogh, 1853.3.30-1890.7.29

此作为梵高生前最后一年的作品, 描绘了法国瓦兹河畔的田园风光。一望无尽的原野被各种作物分割成一个个不同的色块,近景处的房屋被施以明亮的色彩,和远处地平线上青黑色的蒸汽机车形成鲜明对比。马车行驶在 画面中部的乡间小路上,远处是喷吐着阵阵浓白色烟雾的燃煤机车,两种交通工具既对立又统一,和谐地存在于同一幅画作中,这也是那个年代特有的属于交通的有趣场场景。画家在传统的描绘田园风光的场景画中,火车这一并不十分和谐的元素非但没有选择忽略,反而将其作为远景呈现的重要组成部分,这既是艺术上的创新,也反映了那个时代下铁路运输己经深入到了生活中的方方面面, 成为了 种寻常的交通工具。



Life and City Memories on Transportation



靠在轻轨的座椅上,我依然会忍不住地想,今天的我又没能做到最好,明天的事却己接踵而至。我有时 透过列车头的前窗看着前方的轨道,真切地问自己。。。
步行,自行车,电动车,公交车, 轻轨,我出行工具的每 次更迭都代表着我学生阶段的一次进阶。它们带给我的,不仅仅是便利,更是我成长时的心路历程,长足回忆。




Vorwort der Orchideen-Pavillon-Sammlung

朋友发来了两张图问这是什么,为此做了一点翻译,主要解释了一下Vorwort der Orchideen-Pavillon-Sammlung 和 schwimmender Weinkelch im geschwungenen Wasser,然后发现机器翻译已经很强大了。我已经不是第一次发现机器翻译的进步,尤其是近十来年,外出走走的时候还蛮多,主要靠英语,但去的地方又不尽是英语——要想学会所有语言,也不现实吧?

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