Video Streaming & Thunder, VanDyke, NetAnts, etc.

How long haven’t you used Thunder? It was so popular on PC, like Tencent. Tencent is still there, while Thunder is gone. Now most on line videos are provided in streaming way.

FFMPEG.exe is a tool to download them. It runs in command line:
ffmpeg -i http://***/***.m3u8 “***.mp4”
And there is a better tool to do such streaming, which is N_m3u8DL-CLI_v2.9.7.exe

How to find the streaming address? Press F12 when you watch video via browser; locate “network” and search for “m3u8”
By this way, you are able to download most videos as long as you are able to watch them in your browser.

While sometimes, there is inhibition for you to complete full streaming, then you need to merge the “.ts” files by yourself.
Way 1
copy /b *.*    output.mp4
Way 2
DIR *.*  /B >filelist.txt
Open filelist.txt using Excel; insert column ‘file’ and ‘ before the column of file name and one column of ‘ after the column of file name; save as txt. (To make command of e.g. file ‘1.ts’, file ‘2.ts’…)
ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i filelist.txt -c copy output.mp4