Book–Electrokinetics in Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering

Yan-Feng Zhuang (Wuhan University, China)
Rafig Azzam (RWTH AACHEN,Germany)
Herbert Klapperich (TU Bergakademie Freiberg,Germany)

Electrokinetics in Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering


Idea of publishing this book was originated during Professor Yan-feng Zhuang’s visiting TU Freiberg in 2013. Originally, this book was to focus on electro-osmotic consolidation only; after communicating with Professor Herbert Klapperich and Professor Rafig Azzam, more content was added in.

Electrokinetic phenomena of soil have been discovered for over 200 years. The electro-kinetic phenomena include streaming potential, migration potential, electro-osmosis, ion migration and electrophoresis. These phenomena show great potential in geotechnical and environmental engineering. Lots of interesting researches have been going on in this multidisciplinary area and results are very promising both practically and theoretically. This book is to introduce some of them.

Novel theoretical model for electro-osmotic consolidation, namely energy analysis model, is presented in Chapter 2 and 3. Novel corrosion-proof electrode for electro-osmotic consolidation, namely electro-kinetic geosynthetics (EKG), is presented in Chapter 4, together with a showcase of its field application. Chapter 6 presents a wide range of potential application of electrokinetics, including dewatering, soil improvement, contaminated soil remediation, contaminate barrier, waste water treatment, etc. Another showcase of field application of electro-kinetics, which is ground stabilization using electro-chemical injection, is presented in Chapter 7. Chapter 8 presents studies on electro-osmosis reducing pull out resistance of sheet pile. Chapter 9 presents studies on thermos-osmosis induced by electric current generated heat during electro-osmosis.

We hope that this book will be inspiring to people who are interested in electro-kinetic phenomena of soil. More interesting work will be carried out in this research field and promising results will be applied in geotechnical and environmental engineering.

The Editors


This work was partly supported by DAAD and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC Grant No. 51109168 and No. 41472039). Thanks for this support and thanks to the authors contributed to this book, they are named in their corresponding chapters.


Electrokinetics in Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering

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