I didn’t know that k0 proposed by Jozsef Jaky (1944) is an analytical result instead of empirical one. In many text books, even including the ** text book, it is presented as an empirical formula.

I doubt that few people actually read the reference from Jaky, ‘ause it is in Hungarian. This is very similar to the case of Reuss (1809), which was published in French.

Nowadays, introduction part of most papers, theses or dissertations, is presented in a way of piling up references without reading any of them. The only purpose is probably to flatter the potential reviewers like “see, I cited your work”.

For work with strong innovation, please be confident enough to refer to “本文不必参考任何文献”(钱伟长,2002) However, in most cases, the authors 怂ed and cited some references like “土力学教材”、“数理方程课本”, in order to be published.


钱伟长. 2002. 宁波甬江大桥的大挠度非线性计算问题. 应用数学和力学,第23卷  第5期