I would like to recommend the “3G” GENERATION EXHIBITION held by my friends. It is from 13th Feb (0:00) to 8th May (0:00) located at Forstmanns.

(Februar 13) 0:00 – (Mai 8) 0:00 Forstmanns

I remember very well those days in 2013 when I was at Hattingen with Herbert and his family. There was a beautiful back yard with a cabin full of wine bottles. We were hanging around and wandering in a forest nearby with your Emma (Did I get the correct name?). And 2020, we were in Rhein area-Bad Hönningen-Hattingen-Königswinter, wine and beer beside a castle and vineyard.

“ Wein & Natur ”

I like the artwork in behind from Mary Lou named “Green Brownfields”. I have also one copy in my reading room.

“Green Brownfields”

When I met Gina in Hattingen, she was a student at University of Duisburg-Essen. Now she is an artist with a lot of works of art and exhibitions.

Gina Klapperich



deep skin

human – nature

The skin’s function is to protect the life beneath, it is vulnerable and must be protected yourself. The human figures are turned in on themselves, remain in silent positions, just like the trees on our planet.


The internationally active artist Mary-Lou is showing objects from recent years on “Wine & Nature”

Associations with motifs for children and dreamers led to the two colorful entries shown…



The sunsets on the Atlantic coast of southern France were captured in the paintings that filled the entire horizon.